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Monday, January 2, 2012

Santanghu Coalfield to sell exploration rights of 3 blocks

Monday, 02 Jan 2012

SinoCast Daily Business Beat X reported that exploration rights for 3 blocks of Santanghu coalfield, China largest un compartmentalized coalfield in Hami of Xinjiang was listed for sale on December 29. The blocks cover over 370 square meters with coal resource reserves of 14.9 billion tonnes.

Local Bureau of Geology introduced the Santanghu coalfield is located in Santanghu basin about 80 kilometers away from North Balikun County, Hami district.

The Government of Xinjiang autonomous region has invested CNY 1 billion since 2009 and arranged geological exploration department to launch exploration in the Santanghu coalfield, which covers approximately 200 kilometers from East to West and roughly 30 kilometers from North to South.

It is the largest un compartmentalized coalfield in China, owing 55 billion tonnes of proven coal reserves located less than 1000 meters below the surface and 120 billion tonnes within the depth of 2000 meters.

(Sourced from SinoCast Daily Business Beat via COMTEX)

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