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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indonesia cuts January coal price to the lowest in 13 months

Wednesday, 04 Jan 2012

Bloomberg quoted according to data released by the energy ministry that Indonesia, the world largest exporter of power-station coal, cut the benchmark price for sales in January by 3% to the lowest in 13 months.

The Directorate General of Coal and Minerals at the ministry said in its website today in Jakarta that the cost of coal with a gross energy value of 6,322 kilo calories per kilogram was set at USD 109.29 a ton on free-on-board basis at vessel compared with USD 112.67 a ton in December.

Below is a list of price references and markers used to calculate prices for coal of similar quality from eight leading grades in Indonesia, Southeast Asia biggest economy as compiled by the energy ministry. Grades are in kilo-calories a kilogram while prices are in US dollars a ton.

(Sourced from Bloomberg)

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