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Monday, January 23, 2012

Iron ore laden MV Sun Spirit sink in Philippines

Monday, 23 Jan 2012

Associated Press reported that a cargo ship loaded with cement sank in the central Philippines on Sunday and another vessel carrying iron ore went down off the country's eastern coast.

All 32 crewmen from both ships were rescued.

The ship carrying iron ore, the Panamanian registered MV Sun Spirit, began to list Saturday off Catanduanes province and sent a distress signal. Though coast guard officials immediately deployed three ships and a helicopter for a search and rescue, it was a Philippine cargo ship and a fishing boat that saved the crew of 12 Indonesians and two Koreans, who had abandoned the ship.

It was not immediately clear why the ship sank. It was bound for China after leaving the central Philippine province of Leyte.

Separately, a Philippine cargo ship with 18 Filipino crewmen sank early Sunday off central Antique province when its hull hit a hard object and took in water. The crewmen were rescued by fishing boats.

The MV Seaford 2 was destined for Antique with about 35,000 sacks of cement.

(Sourced from AP)

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