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Monday, April 2, 2012

Australian coking coal suppliers Vale and AMCI to pay damages to SAIL

Monday, 02 Apr 2012

Economic Times reported that Delhi High Court has dismissed the plea of two Australian coal firms, Vale Australia Pty Ltd and AMCI Pty Ltd, against an International Court of Arbitration's order to them for payment of about USD 159 million as damages to the SAIL.

Justice S Muralidhar upheld the March 10th 2011 ICA's arbitral award for payment of over USD 152 million as damages to the Steel Authority of India Ltd with an interest of over USD 6.8 million over it.

The ICA had also asked the two firms to pay additionally 80% of the SAIL's legal costs, including USD 320,000 as expenses and USD 160,000 as costs paid by the Indian public sector company to the tribunal.

The court said that "While it may be possible to argue that another view is also possible, that by itself does not constitute a valid ground for a court to interfere (in a foreign award) under section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. Consequently, this court is unable to find any error in the quantification of damages by the tribunal. All objections by Vale and AMCI to the award of March 10, 2011 passed by the tribunal are rejected with costs of INR 100,000 each to be paid by them to SAIL within four weeks.”

The dispute between the parties arose when Vale and AMCI failed to meet the SAIL demand of total 1 million tonnes of coking coal in 2007, under a long term agreement of April 23rd 2007 between them. The two companies managed to supply only 246,539 tonnes and a balance of 753,461 tonnes of coking coal remained to be supplied.

The matter was presented for dispute resolution in March 2009 before the ICA, which agreed with SAIL's contention that there was a breach of the LTA by the two Australian companies.

Source - Economic Times


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