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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ukraine Jan to November coking coal imports increased

Saturday, 17 Dec 2011

According to Mr Vasyl Kharakhulakh director general of the Metallurgprom association of metallurgical enterprises, Ukrainian cokeries in January to November 2011 imported about 9.3 million tonnes of ordinary coking coal and coal concentrate for coking which is 9% more than in January to November 2010.

In November, 870,000 tonnes of coal for coking was imported.

According to Mr Kharakhulakh, the import of coking coal by Ukrainian metallurgical mills in the current year will be about 10 million tonnes, whereas the previous forecast provided for 9.5 million tonnes. The influx of Ukrainian coal to cokeries for 11 months was around 16 million tonnes, or 98% of deliveries during the same period last year. Particularly, 1.255 million tonnes were delivered in November.

In November 2011, Ukrainian cokeries supplied to metallurgical mills 1.2 million tonnes of coke, and generally for 11 months 13.6 million tonnes. 32,000 tonnes of coke was imported in November and 137,000 tons for 11 months against 232,000 tonnes in the first 11 months of last year.

In 2010, Ukrainian cokeries imported about 9.4 million tonnes of raw coal and coal concentrate for coking, which is about 24% more than in 2009. The supply of Ukrainian coal to coking plants was about 18 million tonnes, which corresponds to the previous year's volume. In 2010, the supply of coke to metallurgical mills was 14.556 million tonnes. The imports of coke in 2010 totalled 266,000 tonnes against 176,000 tonnes in 2009.

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tridibesh said...

But Ukraine also exports metallurgical coal. Why is it so?

tridibesh said...

But Ukraine also exports metallurgical coal. Why is it so?