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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Government update on private steel plants in Chhattisgarh

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2011

Indian union minister for Steel Mr Beni Prasad Verma has informed that details of MoUs signed between state government and private players for setting up of steel plants in the country during the last five years.

MoUs with Chhattisgarh government (Year 2006 onwards)
Sl. No.Name of the Company LocationCapacityStatus
1Ind Synergy Limited (Expansion Project)RaigarhSponge Iron - 0.40Partially commissioned
2Shree Bajranj Power and Ispat Limited (Expansion Project)RaipurSponge Iron - 0.60 Blast Furnace - 0.231Production not Started
3SKS Ispat Limited (Expansion Project)RaipurSponge Iron - 0.33 Mini Blast Furnace - 0.5Production not Started
4Raipur Alloys and Steel Limited (Expansion Project)RaipurSponge Iron - 0.50 Steel - 0.24Production not Started
5Shree Bajrang Metallics and Power Limited (Expansion Project)RaipurPig Iron - 0.060Production not Started
6Rajesh Strips Limited (Expansion Project)RaipurSteel Melting Shop - 0.30Production not Started
7Jindal Steel and Power LtdRaigarhBlast Furnace - 0.32Production not Started
8Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd.RajnandgaonIntegrated Steel Making Facility - 1.2Production not Started
9Monnet Ispat and Energy LtdNaharpalli, RaigarhBlast Furnace - 1.0 Sponge Iron for captive use - 0.40Production not Started
10Vandana Ispat Limited Borai, Durg, Anjora, RajnandgaonIntegrated Steel Plant - 0.83, Steel Melting Shop - 0.75Production not Started
11Topworth Steel Pvt. LtdBorai, DurgBlast Furnace - 0.50Production not Started
12MSP Steel and Power LimitedRaigarhPig Iron - 0.40, Sponge Iron for captive use - 0.3Production not Started
13Salasar Sponge and Power LtdRaigarhSteel Plant - 0.10Production not Started
14Prakash Industries LtdChampa, Janjgir, ChampaSteel Plant - 1.2Production not Started
15Singhal EnterprisesRaigarhSponge Iron - 0.2, Steel - 0.3Production not Started
16Anjani Steel Private LimitedRaigarhIntegrated Steel Plant- 0.25Production not Started
17H.E.G. LimitedDurgSponge Iron - 0.35Production not Started

18Mangal Sponge & Steel LimitedBilaspurSponge Iron - 0.12Production not Started
19S.K. Sarawagi and Company Pvt Ltd.BilaspurSponge Iron - 0.21, Steel - 0.15Production not Started
20Aarti Sponge and Power Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.105, Steel Melting Shop - 0.09Production not Started
21API Ispat and Powertech Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.525Production not Started
22Jai Balaji Industries Ltd.-DRI Plant - 0.6, Steel Melt Shop - 1.0Production not Started
23Baldev Alloys Pvt. Ltd-Sponge Iron - 0.54, SMS Plant - 0.2Production not Started
24Crest Steel and Power Pvt. Ltd-Sponge Iron - 0.75, Steel Melting Shop - 0.5, EAF - 0.32Production not Started
25Godawari Power and Ispat Ltd.-DRI - 0.6, Steel Billet - 0.6Production not Started
26Jindal Steel and Power LtdGram Saraipali, Kosampali, Dhanagar, RaigarhDRI - 5.1Production not Started
27Khetan Sponge and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd-Sponge iron - 0.09, Induction Furnace - 0.06Production not Started
28Nalwa Steel and Power LtdGram Taraimal, RaigarhDRI (coal based) -0.33, Steel Melting Shop - 0.336,DRI (gas based)-2.0Production not Started
29Jaysawal Necco Industries Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.6, Steel Billet - 0.7Production not Started
30Nova Iron and Steel LtdBilaspurSponge Iron - 0.6Production not Started
31Raipur Power and Steel Ltd-Sponge Iron 0.135, Induction Furnace - 0.09Production not Started
32Rashmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.315, Steel Melting Shop - 0.21Production not Started
33Real Ispat and Power Ltd-Sponge Iron - 0.30Production not Started
34RL Steel and Energy Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.4Production not Started
35Satya Power and Ispat Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge Iron - 0.24Production not Started
36Shri Shyam Sponge and Power Ltd-Sponge Iron - 0.135Production not Started
37SKS Ispat and Power Ltd.-Sponge iron - 1.2, Blast furnace - 0.27Production not Started
38Surya Global Steel and Jenpower Ltd.-DRI - 1.4, Blast furnace with PCM- 0.6Production not Started
39Visa Steel Limited-Blast furnace with sinter - 1.5, Sponge iron - 1.0Production not Started
40NMDC Limited-Integrated Steel Plant - 3.00Production not Started
41K. Energy Limited-Sponge iron - 0.21, Induction furnace - 0.192Production not Started
42Prakash Industries Limited-Blast furnace - 1.15, Sponge iron - 1.6, Steel Melting shop - 2.0Production not Started
43Singhal Steel Pvt. Ltd.-Blast furnace - 0.3, Sponge iron - 0.2, Induction furnace - 0.3,EAF - 0.3Production not Started
44MSP Steel and Power Ltd.-Sponge iron - 0.9, Blast furnace - 0.7, Steel melting shop - 1.5Production not Started
45Mahendra Sponge and Power Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge iron - 0.27, Steel Billet - 0.15Production not Started
46Hind Energy and Coal Beneficiation (India) Pvt. Ltd.-Sponge iron - 0.405, Steel melting shop - 0.216Production not Started
47Sky Aloys and Power Pvt. Ltd.-Induction Furnace - 0.1Production not Started
48Godwari Power and Ispat Limited-Steel Melting Shop - 0.2Production not Started
49Rashi Strips Private Limited-DRI plant with gasification - 1.0, Steel Melting Shop - 0.9 Production not Started

(Capacity in million tonne)

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