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Friday, December 2, 2011

Indian government proposes coal regulatory authority for coal sector

Friday, 02 Dec 2011

Mr Pratik Prakashbapu Patil minister of state in the ministry of coal while replying a question in Rajya Sabha said that the government proposes to set up a Coal Regulatory Authority for coal sector. In this regard, a draft Cabinet Note along with draft Bill, 2010 on setting up of a Coal Regulatory Authority was circulated to various Ministries/Departments for their comments.

The comments of concerned Ministries/Departments have been received. However, it was noticed that some major changes/suggestions have been made by various Ministries/Departments. At present, suitable incorporation of these changes/suggestions is being examined in consultation with the Ministry of Law. Once finalized the draft Bill would be submitted for the approval of the competent authority.

Setting up of a regulatory Authority for coal would require appropriate legislation to be passed by the Parliament. Hence, it may not be possible to indicate the exact time frame for setting up the said authority.

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