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Friday, November 4, 2011

Indian Iron Ore Market remains Dead - Fearnleys

Friday, 04 November 11

The Atlantic market kept its strong position from last week. Even with fewer fixtures reported. Fronthauls still around 25k, with a 2-3k usd premium for vessels willing to go through Aden. USG/Skaw fixing around usd 29700, and Skaw/USG concluded in the usd 8000 range. We do believe less activity in the weeks ahead of us. The Pacific market has been dropping and it seems like it will continue to remain so due to lack of fresh cargoes and building up of tonnages. For Indo-India, large eco Supra can fetch close to usd 10k from North China position and NOPAC RV close to usd 9k. Indian iron ore market remains dead with no activity on WCI & ECi forcing vessels to ballast to RBCT and Indonesia. RBCT rounds now fixed basis APS ++BB and vessels ballasting from ECI to Indonesia fixing around usd 8k. Red Sea fertilisers to India are fixed around mid 20s. Very little activity on short period and rate is around 12k for large Supras.

Fair activity with mineral requirements in the North Atlantic from USEC and Baltic catering for healthy levels as market is tight for prompt loaders. Fixing levels in the 20´s for Baltic rounds, upper teens for TA rounds. Less activity and weakness in the USG and ECSA from an increasing number of ballasters appears from the Med and Far East. Levels for trip out hovering in the 26 + 600 range basis APS. In the Far East activity is low, tonnage lists grow, and rates are under downward pressure. NOPAC rounds 12500, period activity scant. The general sentiment is losing confidence from a slow and descending forward market.

After a relatively long period with improving rates, the Cape market experiences a correction mid last week. Rates kept dropping throughout this week, with West Australia/China being done just bellow usd 10 pmt. Tubarao/Qingdao was done last week around usd 32 pmt, the lowest done this week is just below usd 25 pmt. The drop in spot rates has resulted in less period activity with chrtrs aiming around mid teens, a level perceived to be of non interest to the owners. The rest of the week is remained to be quiet with Eisbein going on in Germany.

(source - Fearnleys via coalpsot)

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