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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mr Whittall to leave Pike River Coal

Saturday, 08 Oct 2011

It is reported that Mr Peter Whittall CEO of Pike River will be leaving the company at the end of November.

Mr Whittall became the public face of the company after 29 men died in a series of explosions in the West Coast mine last November. His departure is part of the downsizing of the company which is now in receivership.

Receiver PricewaterhouseCoopers's Malcolm Hollis said Mr Whittall had been kept on to help with the insurance claim and the pending sale of the mine.

The company has moved its HQ to smaller premises in Wellington and from Friday only Mr Whittall and an IT manager will be based there, leaving a company which once employed more than 157 staff with just 18.

The other remaining staffs are based in Greymouth.

Last week Mr Whittall gave emotional testimony to the Royal Commission of Inquiry which has been investigating the safety procedures at the mine and the response to the disaster. He has faced criticism from some family members of the deceased miners who claim he gave them false hope that their loved ones would be rescued.

However, Mr Whittall said he was giving families what he believed was an accurate picture and he himself was not given accurate information from the police and fire service.

(sourced from NZHerald)

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