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Monday, February 6, 2012

SC panel suggest cancellation of 49 mining leases

Monday, 06 Feb 2012

Economic Times reported that a committee set up by the Supreme Court tasked with investigating illegal mining in Karnataka has submitted its final report containing recommendations that could radically change how mining is done in the country.

The Central Empowered Committee, in its report submitted on Saturday, has recommended the cancellation of leases of 49 mines that have violated the terms of their licence. It is also believed to have recommended the auction of these leases. These mines produce up to 10 million tonnes of iron ore per year.

The people familiar with the report said that 45 mines cleared of any wrong doing will be allowed to mine as soon as the ban is lifted while 72 other mines will resume only after they have paid penalties.

The collected fines could be used to establish a Sustainable Mining Development Fund and setting up dedicated mining infrastructure for the area.

A moratorium on future leases, until the state has recovered forest lost to illegal mining and established dedicated mining infrastructure, is also on the cards.

(Sourced from ET)

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