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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NTPC and DVC to maximize coal production to help power plants

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012

ET reported that the Indian government will prod state run firms such as NTPC and Damodar Valley to maximize production from their mines so that up to 150 million tonnes of additional coal could be produced annually.

The ministry official said interested PSUs with coal blocks may be asked to submit their revised mine plan documents for excess production of coal that can be sold to Coal India. Coal India may also be asked to assist other state run companies in appointing mine developers and operators for expediting coal block development.

The official said that “The PSUs have already been communicated about the proposal during recent review meetings. No formal or individual communications have, however, been sent so far. A few policy hurdles may obstruct the plan but the ministry feels it is better than depending on coal imports.”

The rise in production would facilitate setting up of power plants of 60,000 MW in the next three years.

(Sourced from ET)

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