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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China 2011 raw coal output up by 9pct YoY - Report

Wednesday, 29 Feb 2012

People Daily citing figures from a national coal conference reported that China produced 3.52 billion tonnes of raw coal in 2011 up by 8.7%YoY.

The newspaper reported that the conference also called for controls on coal consumption and measures to force industries to upgrade and improve energy efficiency.

The National Bureau of Statistics which publishes China commodities output and other data does not regularly disclose raw coal production figures.

The statistics bureau has said Energy consumption totalled 3.48 billion tonnes of standard coal last year up by 7%YoY.

According to the bureau of the total, coal consumption increased 9.7% YoY. It did not give an outright volume.

(Sourced from People Daily)

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